Interviewing the Beast of Bolsover

I tried to commission Dennis Skinner to write a comment piece ahead of the general election. He told me he wouldn’t “moonlight” and take work off journalists.

So I interviewed him, instead.

But what about those who would like to vote Labour but are reluctant to back Jeremy Corbyn? What would he say to them?

Skinner’s response is so forceful I feel like I may have to hold the phone away from my ear. “Any Labour government is better than a Tory government”, he booms, adding, “even Blair”.

Read the full piece at the i.

Northern Ireland’s abortion law must change

After Trump outraged feminists worldwide by saying that women who sought an abortion should be “punished”, I wrote on why British women need to look at Northern Ireland, first.

I am always wary of the idea one need imagine misogyny hurting a mother, sister or daughter in order to acknowledge it as a problem, but I’m also practical, and if that is what it takes to conjure up the appropriate empathy, so be it. Because that is, ultimately, the question: if you couldn’t forget that one in three of the women you know might undergo this, what would you want the law to be?

Read the full piece at the New Statesman.