Commissions and cool reads.

As head of digital at Prospect, I commission comment, reporting and longer-form writing for web.

A lot of it is fast-moving politics reporting—but some of the quirkier pieces have a longer shelf-life.

I’ve included a sample here for those interested, although there’s lots more that I’ve loved! (You can subscribe to Prospect here.)

Flour power by Ella Risbridger

Why every revolution begins with bread.

How Berlin became the capital of gypsy art by Morgan Meaker

“There is more than dirt in our history”

Why now is the time to get into silent film by Caroline O’Donoghue

From GIFs to condensed milk skits.

Hart to Hart: I spoke to every other councillor called John Hart—and found a crisis in government

To understand what’s wrong with local government, John Hart decided to interview JohnHart, John Hart and John Hart

Gin and tonic for the lady? by Maeve Marsden

The curiously feminine history of gin.

How the East End “fatberg” reveals the visionary brilliance of London’s Victorian sewage system by Nick Hilton

The fatberg is… actually good?

How Twitter fell in love with the plums in William Carlos Williams’ icebox, by Harry Harris

This is just to say / that the internet / is the perfect place / for one imagist poem

Amid London’s knife crime epidemic, classical philosophy offers young people an alternative, by Ciaran Thapar

For the young people I’ve worked with, who describe living “in a warzone”, discussing philosophy isn’t only an alternative to the restrictions of traditional learning. It empowers them to think critically about their own lives.

What happened at Grenfell tower was political, by Maya Goodfellow

And the residents knew it.

Why it’s time to reappraise the humble Choose Your Own Adventure book, by Darren Anderson

The Oulipo of the 1980s?

The strange philosophy of Percy Pig: the children’s sweet that wants to be eaten, by Chris Townsend

The M&S star is 25 years old. But why has no-one considered the strangeness of a pig sweet made with real pigs?

Literacy Week at the New Statesman

I commissioned a week around “Literacy” at the New Statesman, including Joanna Walsh on sex literacy, Varaidzo on how publishing hasn’t caught up with black girls’ reading habits, Kit de Waal on encouragingworking-classs writers and Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin on political literacy. Check it out here.

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